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Joy of being an engineer

I spoke at my alma-mater in January 2015, where I shared my experiences after graduation. A copy of the presentation is posted

Development of Steel-PVA hybrid SHCC

I presented our research group's recent efforts on the development of a concrete material that demonstrates improved mechanical performance at high temperatures at the 4th International Conference on Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites at Dresden, Germany. A copy of the presentation is posted

3 minute thesis competition SHCC

I was a finalist at the 3-minute thesis competition hosted by UB's graduate school. Twelve of us made it to the last round where we had to pitch our thesis in 3 minutes in front of a live audience without any props and just one static slide. An added challenge was that the audience was from diverse backgrounds, so we had to make our pitch accessible to a general audience, and not a specialist one as is usually the case in conferences. My pitch is available online here.

Concrete solutions for high temperatures

Our research group presented posters for the US Transportation Research Board's annual meeting in 2018. Copies of posters are posted
here, and here.